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Prime Technology Integration

Technology Integration

WaveLink provides design services to integrate technologies and deliver specialized “Smart Building” IT solutions that are tailored to customer requirements. Our specialized expertise includes development of classified facilities compliant with JSIG, TEMPEST, NIST and DoD cybersecurity standards. We have a deep understanding of market trends and emerging technologies including multi-classification solutions, key partner agreements to obtain best value pricing, and strong advocacy of Open System Approach (OSA) approaches to facilitate future technology insertion. Our company facilities include multiple integration labs for design and rapid prototyping, development of technical data packages, build, test, and quality control IAW ISO-9001. An overview of recent technology solutions can be found below.

Operations Center & Control Room Integration

WaveLink designs, develops, integrates, and installs Operations Centers and Telemetry Control Rooms capable of operating in a multi-classification environment. Our design and integration expertise spans Telemetry, client/server architectures, Video Distribution, Video Walls, networks, security appliances, data storage, infrastructure, Security Operations Centers (SOC), and operator consoles that allows us to fulfill our role as a prime integrator. WaveLink personnel have developed multiple control rooms including those currently in use at Redstone Arsenal.

HWIL Design and Fabrication

WaveLink designs, develops, and fabricates Hardware-In-The-Loop (HWIL) testbeds to support avionics integration (electrical and software) testing with aviation mission equipment systems as a risk reduction effort to airworthiness flight testing. WaveLink has developed multiple HWIL solutions to include representative systems for the CH-47F CAAS, ARL-E with Air Soldier System, Communication (ARC-231, IDM/BFT), and Aircraft Survivability Equipment (ASE) suite including the AAR-57A, APR-39C/D, AVR-2B, and ALE-47.

Flight Emulation / Visualization Software

WaveLink developed flight emulation capabilities to stimulate avionics HWILs with flight motion to create operationally realistic test environments. We also developed geographic information system (GIS) flight visualization software based upon DTED map databases to support real-time test monitoring, data mining, and post-test data analytics.

Spectrum Monitoring & Base Security

WaveLink integrated RF spectrum monitoring systems onto multiple Air Force bases to enhance base security against unauthorized emitters including drones. WaveLink supported network engineering and cybersecurity activities to provide a secure isolated LAN-based solution at each base, as well as a centralized Enterprise server solution to support operations across Europe.