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Digital Engineering

Digital Engineering

WaveLink provides Digital Engineering expertise to multiple Army Program Management Offices including Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), Fixed Wing, and Tactical Aviation and Ground Munitions (TAGM). WaveLink led efforts to develop the emerging Army Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Family of Systems (FoS) System Reference Architecture, Interoperability Profiles (IOPs), and digital models of platform systems (e.g. Air Launched Effects) to enable Multi-Domain Operations (MDO) across all product lines. UAS efforts encompassed Scalable Control Interface (SCI) Reference Architecture to appropriately align ground control systems with the UAS FoS architecture. WaveLink led TAGM MBSE efforts to model and align launcher capabilities with Future Vertical Lift, FARA, and Air Launched Effects (ALE) Initial Capabilities Requirements Document (ICRD).

Modular Open Approach Designs (MOSA)

WaveLink developed open system approach (OSA) solutions based upon MOSA principles, including the Integrated ASE and the Mission Support Architectures adopted across the Army Aviation fleet to advance survivability capabilities and to achieve compliance with the FAA NextGen architecture requirements / standards in the communications, navigation, and surveillance areas.

Agile Model &Simulation (M&S) Development

WaveLink applied Agile, Model-based Software Development methodologies to successfully deploy the next generation Ballistic Missile Defense System Objective Simulation Framework (OSF) to support all Stakeholder Applications including Ground Test, Performance Assessment, Exercises, War Games, Training, Element Integration, and Concept Analysis.

WaveLink applied a Model-Driven Development (MDD) approach to lead development of the Planning, Configuration, and Analysis (PCA) Geographical Information System (GIS) based Graphical User Interface (GUI) to automate scenario generation and post-event data analytics.

WaveLink applied CMMI-3 Configuration / Data Management processes and IBM Rational tools to maintain multiple OSF/SSF baselines to fulfill varying customer deliverable requirements driven by the need to support multiple, simultaneous test events.

WaveLink conducted BMDS Functional Qualification Testing (FQT), patch testing, and regression testing, and developed automated test processes utilized in software integration testing. WaveLink supported integration of M&S / Hardware-in-the-Loop into missile ground test events that provide critical results for interceptor algorithm refinement to support the needs of the national missile defense system. Through post-test data truth analysis, defects in simulation software and in simulation data were quickly identified and addressed.

Operational Test

WaveLink provides with SSF/OSF software integration and testing at the MDA Advanced Research Center (ARC) in Huntsville, AL. We perform HWIL integration through connectivity testing as part of stand-alone and distributed BMDS test events. WaveLink fulfills a mission support role by providing installation and test operations support to BMDS for both CONUS and OCONUS operations in support of the warfighter and various BMDS assets during both ground and flight tests. WaveLink supplies M&S operators, connectivity, and data collection specialists in support of BMDS operational testing from Bench Mark 1 tests through Runs for Record.